Don’t Take The Risk With The Safety Of Your Family Or Employees, Ensure You Regularly Have Electrical And Safety Checks Completed

It is no secret that electricity is extremely dangerous and even the simplest of issues can pose a serious safety hazard so having regular safety checks completed by a licenced electrician can quite literally be the difference between life and serious injury or even death.

According to Master Electrician’s association from 2000 to 2011 there have been 321 accidental electrocutions in Australia with the staggering 96% being male and 16% of accidental electrocutions being caused by faulty appliances.*

Electrical safety switches are designed to protect people from electrical faults either within the wiring of the premises or the appliances. Just like your smoke alarms, safety switches need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they will activate in the event of a fault within either the electrical circuits of the building or faulty appliances.

In my experience over 85% of cases where safety switches trip it is due to faulty appliances. Faulty appliances contributed to 16% of accidental electrocutions. Protect the ones you love by ensuring that your safety switch will operate when it is required.

Get in touch today to organise an electrical safety check for your home or business.

*Source: National Coroners Information Database.

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