A Well Planned Maintenance Program Can Pinpoint Issues Before They Become Major Problems And Ensures That Your Home Or Office Electrical System Works Smoothly.

Maintenance is crucial to ensure that your home or business is running safely and as efficiently as possible. A small spark every now and again may not seem like a big problem and is often overlooked, but when dealing with electricity it pays to be as careful as possible.

Not all problems with electrical systems can be avoided, there will always be emergencies and unforseen events, but with a preventative maintenance schedule in place you can catch small issues when they start and save yourself potentially costly problems later down the track.

We ensure that one of our qualified, reliable team will show up on time at the arranged intervals which means you have one less thing to think about and can be confident that your electrical work is being taken care of.

What sort of maintenance does Keeping Current Electrical Solutions do for the average homeowner or business?

  • Monthly lighting inspections to ensure all lights are operating.
  • Annual fluorescent tube replacement program to maintain correct lighting levels
  • Bi annual and annual emergency lighting testing. Emergency lights have a battery backup and turn on automatically in the case of a blackout.
  • Annual testing of safety switches to ensure they are operating within specifications.

Get in touch with Keeping Current Electrical Solutions today to see how a maintenance plan can save you time and money.

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