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Why Electricity Prices Continue To Shock People

On the 14th June 2014, Ross Gittins, economics editor from the Sydney Morning Herald has published a very good article on why electricity prices will continue to rise in Australia. He points out the role the regulator in ensuring that electricity supply companies will continue to receive their return on investment. The take home comment is "when monopoly businesses that are guaranteed a certain rate of return suffer a loss of demand, the regulator has to allow them to restore their profitability by raising their prices".

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/why-electricity-prices-continue-to-shock-people-20140613-3a2va.html#ixzz34hdFjHaw

There is no indication that prices are going to fall. Start reducing your electricity consumption now with future prices rises in mind.

Have you done everything you can to reduce your electricity (and gas) wastage to combat rising energy prices?

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Customised Iranian lamp fittings make a real statement

A client had just moved to Australia from South Africa via Iran. They had purchased some copper and lead light ornaments in Iran that she wanted to display. After some discussions it was decided to convert them to pendent light fittings, the results were quite amazing and the client was delighted how they added to the character of their home.

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Money Saving Tips From Keeping Current

With the increase cost of electricity, energy efficient practices and appliances can save you money. But whilst one appliance and practice can save you money in one situation it can also cost you a fortune in another.

Take evaporative air conditioning for an example. This is a great appliance for cooling your home with the minimum cost during our summer months. But did you know that it can cost you a lot of money during the winter months?

Retro fitting LED down lights to your existing 12V halogen down lights can reduce your lighting bill by up to 80%, but do you know how it reduces your heating bill. I would suggest that you will save more money in your heating bill than you will your lighting expense.

By retro fitting LED down lights to your existing halogen down lights you will end up with a far better lighting solution, reduced lighting costs and reduced heating costs.

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