We Know You Likely Have Questions, So Here Are Just Some Of Those Most Frequently Asked By Customers

Are you licensed?
Yes we are licensed electrical contractors for the ACT and NSW
Do you offer a warranty?
  • Warranty is offered on all products as per manufactures requirements.
Do you offer same day service?
  • In the case of emergencies YES, otherwise a convenient time will be arranged.
  • Also we offer $60 off the invoice if we fail to arrive at the appointed time on time.
How much does a quote cost?
  • Obligation free quotes are available
I am planning of having one or more air conditioners installed. Are there any considerations I need to make for my electrical switchboard?
  • Depending on the size of the air conditioners, the electrical mains cables supplying power to your switchboard and the amount of space you have in your switchboard. To give you valuable advice we would need to organise an inspection and calculate the amount of power (maximum demand) you are going to require. That may lead to the need for upgrades to your existing infrastructure.
I have been trying to organise an electrician to come to my home or office but they just don’t show up, ring to apologise or make another appointment. Will you honour your commitments?
  • Yes we most certainly will. Keeping Current prides ourselves on our professionalism and that includes our commitment and communication to clients. You will at least receive a courtesy phone in call as soon as we realize we are going to be late explaining the hold up and organizing an alternative appointment. If we don’t arrive at the appointed time you will receive $60 off your invoice for the work.
I have very old wiring in my house, does it need replacing?
  • The only way to really advise on this situation is to organise an inspection. If your house is wired in the old rubber wiring (which when originally installed was only guaranteed for 25 years) then chances are it could becoming a greater risk to your home.
My safety switch keeps tripping, what should I do?
  • Unplug all of the effected appliances which have no power, try and reset your safety switch. If to resets, plug each of the appliances in one at a time until the safety switch trips. The appliance that trips the switch is faulty. If you can’t get the safety switch to reset, give us a call to arrange an inspection.
The office lights are flickering and they appear dull, can something be done?
  • Absolutely, in the standard office environment it is recommended to maintain lighting levels within WH & S guidelines fluorescent lights should be serviced every 12 months. A Fluorescent tube will lose 50% of it light output after 12 months of use and start to flicker. Staff will start to strain when reading text and doing their job. Call us to organize an inspection and find solutions to your lighting requirements.
What areas do you service?
  • Canberra and surrounding areas
  • Love working on rural properties, reminds Stuart of his childhood
What payment methods do you accept?
  • We have mobile EFTPOS machines which means we accept VISA and MasterCard at your home or office.


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