If You’re Wanting To Improve Your TV Reception Or Create A New Audio Visual Set Up For Your Home Or Business, Look No Further Than Keeping Current Electrical

Poor TV reception and an inadequate audio visual systems can be incredibly frustrating and many people put up with it for far too long because they don’t know the best people to ask for help. But the solution is often much simpler than you think! Just call Keeping Current Electrical.

How can we help with your TV problems?

      We can install, upgrade and repair digital TV antennas to improve your picture and the channels you can utilise

      We can install, upgrade and repair residential and commercial M.A.T.V. Antenna Systems

      We can create solutions to help if you live in a black spot or fridge area and struggle to pick up available channels

Another common problem, especially in older homes is that there aren’t enough TV outlet points, or they aren’t positioned optimally for modern screens. We can help with that too. We can install new points throughout your home and can even help wall mount your TV and create a new point behind so it looks fantastic.

When it comes to audio visual systems the only limit is your imagination. We can help you:

      Create and install residential or commercial AV systems to maximise your entertainment

      Suggest options and inclusions you may not have considered

      Continue to upgrade your system as your needs change

      Utilise the latest technology available

Home and business CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular and for many, turning to a security company is simply too costly and too much fuss so if you want to protect your home with a CCTV system that you can monitor yourself our experienced team can help with the planning, installation and maintenance of your system.

Want to find out more about how Keeping Current Electrical can assist with your TV, AV and CCTV needs? Call us today on 0261710523

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